Don't Wanna Be Sedated

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Dallas Observer Source | Comments Courtesy of Matt Zavadsky

Interesting perspective from the reporter, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists…


Don't Wanna Be Sedated

Sometimes law enforcement officers need assistance restraining people in custody. Sometimes they enlist the help of EMTs and powerful sedatives.


JULY 24, 2020

In 2016, Tony Timpa had a run-in with the police. As he stood outside a porn shop on Mockingbird Lane, Timpa called the cops, telling them he was scared, off of his medication and suffering from mental illness. By the end of the night, the 32-year-old Timpa was dead, dying in the custody of the police he had called not long before.

In the time it took the officers to show up, a nearby security guard saw Timpa crossing the street, walking into traffic, and put him in handcuffs until police arrived. When three Dallas Police officers arrived, they switched out his handcuffs and rolled him onto his stomach. One of the cops, Dustin Dillard, held Timpa's face down in the grass with his knee on his back.

This position was held for over 13 minutes. 

When paramedics arrived, they administered Versed, a strong sedative. According to The Dallas Morning News, by the time Timpa was given the sedative, officers on the scene were already questioning whether he was awake.

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