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2022 AIMHI Excellence in EMS Integration Award | Medically Home TetherMed

7 Jul 2022 3:45 PM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

Excellence in EMS Integration Award: This award recognizes a non-EMS organization that has developed and implemented a partnership with EMS organizations that have demonstrated enhancement of patient experience of care, improved patient outcomes, or reduced the cost of healthcare.

Medically Home Group, Inc. TetherMed

TetherMed is the Mobile Integrated Health enablement arm of Medically Home Group, Inc.  This enablement program focuses on clinical skill development, critical thinking skills, physical examination and care planning, and the operational aspects that allow mobile integrated healthcare teams to support a variety of virtual hospital models, including Acute Hospital Substitution, ED in Home, and Oncology in Home.

Organization Overview
Medically Home Group, Inc. is a technology enabled company that provides a platform for healthcare systems to create a virtual hospital for delivery of care to take place where patients desire the care be delivered, their own home.

Date of Implementation: October, 2021

Number & Demographics of Patients/Members
With 12 Health System Partners - Medically Home has supported an average daily census of over 100 patients in the Acute Hospital Substitution model.  In March of this year, Medically Home's Boston operation celebrated seeing their 3000 patient in the ED at Home model.     

Medically Home has a goal of having the Mobile Integrate Health clinician complete 65% of the in-person visits across all of their use cases for the virtual hospital platform.

Description of Outcomes / Utilization / Change
Through TetherMed's MIH enablement, we have continued to improve the utilization of the MIH Clinicians in the Virtual Hospital model.  Through both local, as well as state and national advocacy, TetherMed has created confidence in the health systems that the MIH Clinician is the "swiss army knife" of in-home clinicians.  Their versatility allows for them to provide compassionate bedside care, as well a pivot to providing advanced care as needed.  They are also trusted caregivers that are accustomed to caring for patients in the home environment.  Recent advocacy in the State of Arizona, has changed legislation which allows for the MIH Clinician to serve as in-person visits within the virtual hospital model under the CMS Hospital without Walls waiver.  This move improves the patient experience, whereas a single clinician can provide comprehensive care, including assessment, medication administration, phlebotomy, and point of care testing.

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